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Domenicali hints at 24 races in 2023: 'Are now finalising the details'

Domenicali hints at 24 races in 2023: 'Are now finalising the details'

7 August - 11:03 Last update: 12:04


It seems to be only a matter of time before the FIA can announce the provisional calendar for the 2023 Formula One season. Some races seem to be leaving and some seem to be adding to the calendar, such as the Las Vegas Grand Prix and a possible Grand Prix in South Africa. A definitive date has not yet been set, although Formula One CEO Stefano Domenicali can already say more about the calendar.

In a meeting with Liberty Media investors, Domenicali explained more about the shape of the 2023 calendar. "The demand is very, very high. We cannot say anything more than what we are saying because we are, of course, finalising all the details. But we for sure expect to have a couple of races more than this year, but less than 25, that’s for sure," Domenicali is quoted as saying by Express.

Clarity in October

Among others the French Grand Prix seems to be cancelled due to the arrival of new races. Also the Belgian Grand Prix is still a big question mark. They do not have a contract for next year yet although they would like to get one. According to Domenicali it will have to wait until "around early October" before it is clear what the calendar will look like.

The F1 CEO also stated that they will create a calendar that will consider sustainability and efficiency. For example by grouping races together so that teams do not have to travel so far. The calendar will run from March to November and the travel distances will be taken into account.

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