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Marko confirms there is still work to do on Porsche engine deal

Marko confirms there is still work to do on Porsche engine deal

05-08-2022 07:24 Last update: 09:34


Although there is still no confirmation, Red Bull chiefs are already making frequent statements and promises about the team's upcoming collaboration with Porsche. Advisor Dr. Helmut Marko gives the latest update and suggests that AlphaTauri also want to drive with the new power unit.

Volkswagen at odds with established order

In 2026 the Volkswagen Group wants to compete in Formula 1 with Audi and Porsche. The fact that Porsche will be supplying Red Bull with engines from that year is currently Formula 1's worst kept secret. But as long as there is no consensus on the engine rules for 2026, Volkswagen will not make any promises. The car giant is looking for specific rules on a budget cap, more sustainable engines, more sustainable fuel and equal opportunities for newcomers compared to the established teams. Examples of points of contention between Volkswagen and the existing teams are the permitted time in the wind tunnel for the newcomer and the material of the power sources. Porsche is arguing for aluminium engines, while Ferrari and Mercedes are pushing to keep their steel engines.

Marko updates the F1 fan in an interview with Motorsport-total.com. The Austrian says that the rules Volkswagen is asking for do not currently exist and therefore there is a lot of bureaucratic work involved. On August 8 the vote will take place on the proposed rules for 2026. This vote was actually supposed to take place on 2 August, but was postponed. Marko seems to understand Red Bull's rivals who do not yet agree with Porsche and Audi's wishes: "The top teams want to get the best out of it for themselves. The less time the newcomers have to prepare, the better that is for the established teams."

AlphaTauri also plans to drive with Porsche

Also, according to the medium, it seems to be becoming clear that Porsche will only take a fifty per cent stake in Red Bull, making them co-owners of the team for as long as the partnership lasts. With that, Marko directly confirms that Porsche will not be working as closely with AlphaTauri, but that the team has planned to run with Porsche engines in 2026, just like Red Bull.

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