Audi is a German car manufacturer and part of the Volkswagen Group. The company communicated in early 2022 that it would like to enter Formula 1 four years later. It means that Audi is showing itself in the sport for the first time in the history of the motorsport class. Since then, policymakers have been busy looking for teams to collaborate with.

The entry does not come as a surprise, because the news had been in the air for months. Due to the new regulations within Formula 1, it was interesting for Audi to step in, because there are no longer unlimited amounts. From 2026, a budget cap will apply, as a result of which the racing teams will receive an amount each year that they can spend on engines. 

Possible collaborations

Since the announcement, Audi has held several talks with interested teams. McLaren, among others, were immediately interested in a deal. The formation communicated that it was not the intention to sell McLaren. Audi would also see a potential partner in other teams. The top of the company, therefore, took the time to sit down with various racing team and thus make a well-considered decision.

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