Ferrari far behind in engine reliability

Ferrari far behind in engine reliability

4 August - 16:35

After thirteen Grands Prix in 2022, each team will have completed a total of 1564 racing laps. Now that the summer break has begun, it is a good time to take a look at which teams are most reliable with their cars. has made an overview.

Mercedes does excellent business

McLaren is the team that tops the current list. Of the 1564 possible laps, the team has completed 1526. Drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris have both had one abandonment this season, and Norris' was towards the end of the Miami GP, which meant that only a minimal number of laps were not completed.

What is remarkable is that the entire top three consists of teams driving with Mercedes engines, as Aston Martin and Mercedes themselves are also doing excellent business. Williams, the fourth team with Mercedes engines, is not doing as well and is in the middle of the pack.

Alpine, the only team with Renault engines, is in fourth place. This is remarkable, because the team has indicated several times before 2022 that it would rather have a fast but unreliable engine, than a reliable one that would be slow.

Red Bull in the middle of the pack, Ferrari in red lanterns

A lacklustre start to 2022 and two unfortunate retirements by Sergio Perez later in the year have left Red Bull Racing in fifth place with a total of 1,430 laps completed. Sister team AlphaTauri is not doing much worse and has completed a respectable 89.1 per cent with 1393 laps.

The problems are clearly visible at Ferrari. Not only the Italian team itself, but also customer teams Alfa Romeo and Haas F1 are at the bottom of the list. With 1281 laps, Ferrari has by far the fewest laps of 2022. The team often has technical problems and the customer teams clearly have the same.

Engine freeze a problem for Ferrari?

It is clear that Ferrari still needs to work on its engines. However, from 2022 onwards this will be a lot more difficult than before. Since this year an engine freeze is in force and no more improvements can be made. Electrical parts may still be improved until 1 September, but this will also be a difficult story as the factories have to close on Friday due to the summer break in Formula 1.

Reliability can still be improved in the coming years, but only under the close scrutiny of the FIA. Ferrari has already demonstrated in 2022 that there is little wrong with the speed of the current engine.

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