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Marko on 'problem child' Tsunoda: 'We have arranged for a psychologist'

Marko on 'problem child' Tsunoda: 'We have arranged for a psychologist'

6 July - 08:33 Last update: 09:12


Yuki Tsunoda has been known to erupt violently over the team radio in Formula 1. Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko has announced that a psychologist has been appointed to help the young Japanese driver.

Psychologist for Tsunoda

"Thank God our Max [Verstappen] is calm," Marko told ServusTV. "Our problem child is Tsunoda." According to Marko, the 22-year-old driver explodes on the radio time and time again. That's why it's time to get him to work with a psychologist, Red Bull has decided.

"We specially organised a kind of psychologist to work with him, because he kept swearing in the corners. So that inhibits the performance," Marko said. Tsunoda does seem to have made a step forward in 2022 compared to his rookie season in 2021, but Marko says there are still more gains to be made.

Less radio communication

Marko is a fan of the idea of limiting radio traffic between drivers and engineers. Because the engineer can give very concise information to the driver, Marko thinks it is starting to look too much like a driving school. According to the 79-year old Austrian, the drivers currently receive too much technical information, which makes racing too easy.

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