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Will F1 get another GP in South Africa in 2023? 'Prospect is good'

Will F1 get another GP in South Africa in 2023? 'Prospect is good'

16 June - 13:42 Last update: 15:16


For years there has been the question of when Formula One will return to the African continent. In particular, a Grand Prix in South Africa, a race that was on the Formula One calendar until 1993. With the arrival of Liberty Media, those plans seem to have been resurrected and the likelihood is growing by the day that F1 will travel to South Africa in 2023.

Speaking to South African news station eNCA FIA Senate member Anton Roux let us know what the current state of affairs is. "There are numourus discussions taking place at the moment. The prospect are looking really good, but there are a multitude of parties involved. We need to get agreement from all of them and then get a date on the calendar and then a formal announcement can be made."

Clarity within weeks

Should a race be organized at the Kyalami circuit, it would be the first time since 1993 that Formula 1 would travel to South Africa again. That would be exactly after thirty years, but Roux warns that it is not yet certain. The plan is for F1 to add South Africa to the calendar as early as 2023, but he does not rule out organizing the race again in 2024.

That's all to do with setting the calendar. So Roux does expect South Africa to be allowed to host an F1 race again within a few years, which will be a huge boost for the country. "Well, we're keeping our fingers crossed for 2023, but let's wait a couple of weeks and then some more announcements can be made."

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