Toto Wolff sees one way for Mercedes to win tomorrow

Toto Wolff sees one way for Mercedes to win tomorrow

11 June - 17:16 Last update: 18:26

Oli Lewis

Toto Wolff had an interview with Sky Sports following the conclusion of qualifying in Baku, where his drivers finished fifth and seventh respectively, which is something he sees as being "expected," as they were the "third quickest on the road."

Hamilton investigation

Hamilton is being investigated for going too slow on his out-lap as he looked to set up his car for his flying lap, Wolff's take on the Lewis Hamilton investigation is as follows, "I can not pre-empt what the stewards are going to say, I think he was within the delta time. What that means? And how the stewards will assess it, I don't know."

Looking ahead to Sunday

Toto joked with the interviewer, "If you look at it through rose-tinted glasses you can say hopefully four of them crash out at turn 1 then you can win the race," as the Mercedes boss is still chasing that first win of the season. However, realistically the German believes that "On pure pace, it's realistic to finish 5th and 6th." Finishing with, "The strategy can play a bit role. You can recover good positions if you are on the right strategy and we can gamble. When you are the hunter it's a different situation."

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