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'Funnily enough, Marko likes that very thing about Perez'
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'Funnily enough, Marko likes that very thing about Perez'

27 May - 10:35 Last update: 11:15


Paul di Resta and Ted Kravitz think Sergio Perez is in a good position within Red Bull Racing. Despite his dissatisfaction with the team order in Spain, the Mexican seems the ideal second driver for the Austrian team.

Red Bull has a second driver

Since the departure of Daniel Ricciardo at the end of 2018, Red Bull had been searching for the ideal partner for Max Verstappen. After a long search, that partner seems to have been found with Perez. Whereas in his first year he regularly fell short, in 2022 he is continuously close. This caused a spicy situation in Spain because the Mexican had to let Verstappen go ahead twice.

''You'd be a comedian if you said you were coming in equal with Max. There's only one way to be in front of Max and be repaid those favours, is to continually qualify ahead of him and race your way in front of him,'' said Paul di Resta to Sky Sports.

Perez impresses

That is not yet the case for Perez, but Di Resta does see Perez getting closer. ''He's an incredible part of the team. He is the right person, he's pushing Max. As long as he continues to do that, he will have a long future at Red Bull. The favour will be repaid, it will be 10 to 1 when it falls.''

Kravitz even feels that Christian Horner and Helmut Marko can appreciate Perez's comments. ''I think in a way, Marko and Horner will admire that about Checo. They wouldn't want him to say yeah give him the place, I think they like how he is a fighter and wants to push his case. Funnily enough, Marko will enjoy that about Checo,'' the Sky reporter concludes.

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