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Hamilton not astonished by return of Masi after all?: 'Doesn't bother me'

Hamilton not astonished by return of Masi after all?: 'Doesn't bother me'

20 May - 11:44 Last update: 14:04


Michael Masi is reportedly returning to a more active role in F1 race management this season. At Mercedes, this is said to have gone down the wrong path. Lewis Hamilton denies the alleged criticism at Mercedes over this news.

'Criticism at Mercedes over Masi rumors'

In 2021, Hamilton was wronged in the eyes of the Mercedes team by race director Masi which ultimately cost him his eighth world title. Max Verstappen caught up with his rival on the final lap of the season and thus snatched the title. The FIA's response to the controversial moment was a renewal of the race committee, where Masi would no longer have the final responsibility.

Masi was never actually expelled from the FIA but did have to give up his spot to the two new race directors Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich. FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem recently said that Masi might return to the race committee with a more responsible role. To this, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is said to have reacted furiously and Hamilton is said to have been stunned after hearing the news.

Hamilton denies the stories

At the press conference prior to the Spanish Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion was asked about the rumours, "The return of Masi? I did hear that story, but I have no specific feelings about it." With this statement, Hamilton seems to refute the earlier rumours.

Despite Mercedes' still disappointing form, the driver is looking forward to the race weekend in Spain: "As always, I expect to do well in Spain. Barcelona is the ideal test track. It will be interesting to see our progress [...] I like my job and the challenge, even the challenges we have now. We are still not fighting for victories, but it is still a nice challenge."

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