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Internet reacts sharply to Aston Martin's 'green Red Bull'
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Internet reacts sharply to Aston Martin's 'green Red Bull'

20 May - 07:29 Last update: 08:47


Aston Martin's AMR22B has not been driven yet but it has already caused quite a stir. It will have escaped few people's attention that the renewed car looks a lot like Red Bull Racing's RB18, as is shown by the sharp internet reactions that followed the first images of the car.

Sharp reactions to Aston Martin's 'green Red Bull

As expected, the memes about Aston Martin's 'green Red Bull' soon began to pour in. There are references to green Red Bull cans, which would have served as inspiration for the AMR22B. Some also point out that Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have simply renewed their old partnership.

Others argue that Sebastian Vettel, in his role as 'Inspector Seb', simply donned his old Red Bull overalls, walked into the headquarters in Milton Keynes and left again with Adrian Newey's building plans.

There is some outrage, but at the same time there are also those who look at the matter from a different angle. Sebastian Vettel has a high favour factor for many people, and so some fans conclude that they will turn a blind eye if the car brings Vettel better results.

Internet reactions to the AMR22B

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