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Ricciardo on staying on weight: 'Fortunately, I love my vegetables'

Ricciardo on staying on weight: 'Fortunately, I love my vegetables'

19 May - 17:01 Last update: 19:08


Every unnecessary kilo is extra ballast, which makes a Formula 1 car slower. Therefore, it is very important that the driver is as well trained as possible. Eating out in a good restaurant or pub is not an option for the drivers during the season.

Lots of time

Daniel Ricciardo is also aware of the need to gain as little weight as possible. The McLaren driver therefore confirms he is on a diet throughout the season. "Every extra bit of weight we carry can be detrimental to our lap time," Ricciardo tells GQ Sports. "Ten kilos added means you're about 0.3, 0.4 seconds slower per lap. In racing terms, that's a lot. "

For some people, living a healthy lifestyle is a huge challenge. Not so for Ricciardo. "Fortunately, I love my vegetables, I love all that stuff," he laughs. "So I manage pretty well to stay slim, if I have to."

Fast metabolism

Ricciardo has another stroke of luck. Some people are predisposed to become heavier quickly than others. The Australian says he is fortunate to have a fast metabolism, which makes it easier for him to keep his weight. "So I can still afford to eat good meals!"

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