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Alonso postpones decision: 'Won't be until after the summer'

Alonso postpones decision: 'Won't be until after the summer'

19 May - 16:14 Last update: 16:18


Will he continue for another year or will Fernando Alonso retire after this season? Where could he drive: Alpine or Aston Martin? The season is only five races old, but speculations about his sporting future continue to stir.

Aston Martin?

During a meeting with his sponsor Finetwork, Soy engine, the subject came up. The Spaniard was asked about the alleged interest in Aston Martin. "No, I haven't spoken to anyone," Alonso said this morning at an event organized by his sponsor Finetwork. Alonso is said to be in the picture as a replacement for Sebastian Vettel.

In any case, it is clear that Alonso wants to stay in Formula 1. His once stated goal of winning the Indy 500 is something the Alpine driver wants to realize sometime in the future. For now, there is the challenge of Formula 1, at Alpine or somewhere else, the two-time champion said recently.

No rush

A quick decision on his future is not to be expected. "We will see after the summer. That's what I've had in mind since the preparation. I already said then that I want to think about the best option in the summer," Alonso said.

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