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F1 teams may spend less money in 2022 due to 22 races

F1 teams may spend less money in 2022 due to 22 races

19 May - 09:22 Last update: 09:43


Formula One teams will be able to spend less money in 2022 because the Russian Grand Prix has disappeared from the calendar. Indeed, the budget cap has also been reduced with the disappearance of that race.

On Wednesday it was announced by F1 that the Russian Grand Prix will not be replaced on the 2022 F1 calendar. The organization had been looking for a replacement event for some time, but could not find a place where the costs would not be so high as to make it worth an extra race.

Lower budget cap

This means that the 2022 F1 calendar will once again consist of 22 races, and not 23. This also has implications for the budget cap. The cap, which stands at $142.4 million (135.8 million euros) for this season, has been lowered to $141.2 million (134.7 million euros) due to the disappearance of one race from the calendar. This is due to the additional costs that the teams would incur for that extra race, Andreas Haupt of Auto, Motor und Sport reports.

Therefore, for the teams, it will not make a huge difference in 2022. The season was budgeted for 23 races and the associated costs. Now that those costs will not be incurred either, that can also disappear from the budget.

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