Mercedes hopes for change in Barcelona: 'Might just be the key'

12-05-2022 14:25 | Updated: 12-05-2022 17:05
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Mercedes hopes for change in Barcelona: 'Might just be the key'

Mercedes has the quiet hope that it can make a big step with the car at the Barcelona Grand Prix. According to Gary Anderson, it is quite possible that the previous race in Miami contributed significantly to this, he writes for The Race.

Prior to the race weekend, the German racing stable was a candidate to fight for the front positions, but nothing proved to be further from the truth. Soon into the weekend, Mercedes fell short of the competition, having to settle for a spot in the sub top of the driver field.

Mercedes hopes for quick improvements 

Behind the scenes, however, Mercedes was working hard to make quick improvements to the car. As usual, the Spanish GP is a place for many teams to launch updates. The team of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell also seems to want to invest in them, with the hope that it will give both men more chances for podium finishes.

"What happened on Friday to Saturday in Miami might just be the key that unlocks the understanding it needs to solve its problems," the journalist writes. "Or, it could just be another confusing piece of the puzzle that makes it all even harder to understand. It is going to be hugely significant for its prospects for the rest of the season."

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