Horner guards against Ferrari: 'Difficult to continuously improve car'

10-05-2022 10:26 | Updated: 10-05-2022 13:27
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Horner guards against Ferrari: 'Difficult to continuously improve car'

For the second season this season, teams have to deal with the budget cap. Last year it didn't cause any major problems, but this season the cap has been lowered some more. Added to that is the introduction of the new cars, which makes the teams want to develop and improve as much as possible. So too at Red Bull Racing.

Some improvements have already been made at Red Bull in the past few races, but according to team boss Christian Horner, this will not be the case every race. The team has to keep a close eye on costs in order to come in under the budget cap at the end of the season. To Auto, Motor und Sport Horner explains what is so tricky about the budget cap this season.

Upgrades more expensive than last years

"With the budget cap, it's difficult to bring continuous updates. Especially with the rising inflation, which is annoying." The price increases also make parts to improve the car a lot more expensive. This makes it even more crucial to pay attention to which parts of a car a team is going to improve.

Ferrari has already announced that they will probably bring updates to Barcelona, in order to narrow the gap with Red Bull and perhaps become faster than Max Verstappen 's team. Horner expects that it will undoubtedly be an exciting battle in Barcelona. "They will shine in the fast corners," Horner expects.

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