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F1 drivers agree with criticism Verstappen on Miami track: 'It's a joke'
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F1 drivers agree with criticism Verstappen on Miami track: 'It's a joke'

8 May - 15:43 Last update: 17:09


Formula 1 drivers have criticised the surface of the brand new circuit for the Miami Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing driver Sergio Perez even calls it "a joke," echoing the criticism of teammate Max Verstappen.

During practice and qualifying, drivers complained several times about the lack of grip. They fear a race with little overtaking because the drivers cannot deviate from their line to try to overtake.

F1 drivers complain about Miami surface

Perez believes that the problem is mainly in the asphalt, which he calls "a joke". He foresees a race in which overtaking will be difficult and drivers will make mistakes because they have been 'put in this situation'. He says this in conversation with Autosport.com.

Fernando Alonso joins his colleague's words. The Spaniard believes that the road surface does not meet F1 standards and reports that the point was raised during Friday night's driver briefing. Alonso also expects overtaking to be difficult because there is no grip outside the racing line and he states that something will have to be done about this for next year.

McLaren drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris also complain about the lack of grip outside the racing line. Norris states that the high temperatures make it feel even worse and he too fears that the high expectations of the public in Miami cannot be met.

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