'Both F1 race directors tested positive for coronavirus'

'Both F1 race directors tested positive for coronavirus'

28 April - 06:33 Last update: 09:00

Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich have both tested positive for coronavirus, according to Sky Sports. As a result, the two Formula 1 race directors might not be able to travel to Miami and would have to be replaced.

Coronavirus for Freitas and Wittich

In 2022, the FIA designated two race directors for F1 as replacements for Michael Masi. Freitas and Wittich split the role, but both now appear to have tested positive ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. There is a reasonable chance that they will test negative before the weekend begins, but that is not a certainty.

The FIA themselves would not comment on what they describe as 'unsubstantiated reporting'. They will only come out with medical information if it has an impact on the upcoming race weekend and that is not the case at the moment.

Replacement race officials

There are a number of names going around that could act as race directors. Masi's name is also being mentioned, but Sky states that Masi is not considered a candidate. Herbie Blash, who was the stand-in for Charlie Whiting for many years and supports the current race directors, may be an option.

Colin Haywood, who was listed as deputy race director for Miami, is also a serious option. The final candidate is Scott Elkins. He is a DTM race director and is also seen as a key candidate. However, he has never been at the helm of an F1 race.