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McLaren wants to use special livery on a limited basis: Want to keep identity

McLaren wants to use special livery on a limited basis: "Want to keep identity"

9 January - 11:41 Last update: 12:09


During the 2021 Formula 1 season, we have seen special liveries a few times. For example, Red Bull Racing drove with a white livery as a tribute to Honda and McLaren combined classic with modern at the Monaco Grand Prix. In addition, the Woking-based racing stable also drove with a special livery in the last race of the season, but according to McLaren CEO Zak Brown, the team is not going to make a habit of it.

Brown wants to use such special liveries in a limited way, because he fears that otherwise it will detract from the team's identity. He acknowledged that it is popular with the fans, but it is not expected that special liveries will be used twice in one year all the time.

McLaren wants to use special liveries on a limited basis

"Fan reaction has been great," said Brown according to Crash.net. "I think on a very limited basis as we have done is the right balance I think. We want to keep our identity but make a special livery special, because if you do it all the time, it loses its specialness," the American concluded.

Both of the 2021 McLaren special liveries came as a result of a sponsorship deal, but according to Brown that doesn't always have to be the reason. He also sees it as an opportunity to convey messages and draw attention to important issues.

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