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Ecclestone hits out: 'Wolff should get an Oscar for his acting'

Ecclestone hits out: 'Wolff should get an Oscar for his acting'

17-12-2021 10:44 Last update: 11:33


Bernie Ecclestone thinks Toto Wolff should get an Oscar for his performance after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. According to the former CEO of Formula 1, the Mercedes team boss misbehaved a lot.

Wolff was in disbelief during the final laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Austrian yelled over the radio to Michael Masi, threw his headphones and this was all filmed. Ecclestone thinks it's extraordinary that a team owner of a Formula 1 team can misbehave like that.

Wolff takes a swipe at him

''Other team members were probably angry too, but he was the only one who showed it. If Mercedes doesn't win the world championship, he should at least get an Oscar, because in terms of acting he did a great job,'' Ecclestone is cynical to the German RTL.

According to Ecclestone Wolff doesn't have to behave like that at all. ''Toto is not a loser, he is a winner. I'm disappointed that he reacted like this. Winning and being successful is good for Mercedes, so if they don't win the opposite happens. I don't know what damage this can do, but this didn't look good,'' the former F1 chief concludes.

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