Kravitz: 'I think Red Bull have something up their sleeves today'

04-12-2021 14:47 | Updated: 04-12-2021 14:57
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Kravitz: 'I think Red Bull have something up their sleeves today'

Max Verstappen had a long wait during the third free practice. In fact, the Dutchman was the last driver to take to the track on Saturday. According to Sky Sports-commentator Ted Kravitz there seems to be a lack of nervousness at Red Bull Racing and the team might have something up their sleeve.

No nervousness at Red Bull

"The guys are sitting there as cool as a cucumber," Kravitz says of the Red Bull crew as Verstappen heads out during FP3. "I don't know if I sense a lack of nervousness, but I sense a bit of confidence in this Red Bull team here." In the first free practice sessions, however, Red Bull still had to acknowledge its superiority to Mercedes.

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey are also relaxed, according to Kravitz. "They feel they can do something here. I think they have something up their sleeves and they feel they can start making things difficult for Mercedes."

If Mercedes dominates in Saudi Arabia

For Red Bull, the stakes are high this weekend. "Should Mercedes dominate this weekend and even get Valtteri Bottas in second place Sunday, Red Bull will head nervously to Abu Dhabi. Red Bull want to be in the running for victory here and I feel they are confident of that too."

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