Freak accident between teammates in Formula Regional sees drivers unharmed

31-10-2021 15:28 Last update: 31-10-2021 16:16

Not only Formula 1, but also other racing classes are approaching the denouement of the current season. In the European Formula Regional championship that led to a heavy crash at Monza between Prema teammates Dino Beganovic and David Vidales.

Horror crash sees drivers walk away unscathed

On October 31st, the last race of the championship was held at the circuit of Monza. At the head of the field, an intense battle for victory unfolded between Prema-drivers Beganovic and Vidales. As can be seen in the video, that battle took a dangerous turn.

When the two approach the chicane side by side, it goes wrong. Both drivers go straight over the so-called 'sausage kerbs', causing Vidales to be launched onto the track. He hits his teammate and both drivers end up in the wall. Miraculously everyone escapes without any injuries.


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