Gasly and Tsunoda reflect on first time they met: 'I heard someone scream'

29-10-2021 17:55

The atmosphere between AlphaTauri drivers Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda is good. This is shown in a video the team has posted on its YouTube channel. In the video the two are followed during the weekend of the United States Grand Prix, and explain how they first met.

Gasly explains how his first encounter with Tsunoda went. "I was in my hotel room trying to sleep, but there was someone screaming in the room next to mine. He was really making a lot of noise and I thought, 'Who the f*** is this guy?'", the Frenchman begins his story.

Screaming AlphaTauri drivers in hotel rooms

"The next day I met Yuki and asked him which room he was staying in," he continues. "Then it turned out that it was Yuki who was playing on his PlayStation. I think he was yelling at everyone who killed him or something, so I thought, 'So that's the jerk who kept me from sleeping!'"

Tsunoda did get another crack at it when the drivers stayed at the Istanbul Park circuit for the Turkish Grand Prix. "He was in the room next to me and I heard him shouting about every thirty seconds. It sounded French, because I heard 'putain, putain' the whole time! I think he's bad at gaming and that's why he kept dying," the Japanese concluded.

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