"Is Wolff going to pay the bill?” | Team bosses react to the Hungarian GP

03-08-2021 20:34

After the British Grand Prix Mercedes-Red Bull relations hit an all-time low and after the Hungarian Grand Prix, they’ve certainly not got any better with no shortage of drama across the entire weekend. The relationship between the rivals is virtually non-existent now and not only are they at each other’s throats on track, they seem to be at it off track as well, with Toto Wolff and Christian Horner sharing some spicy words, to say the least. So we thought we'd hone in on the two team bosses, and see what they said after the race at the Hungaroring.

Unless you were living under a rock this weekend, you’ll know Valtteri Bottas caused a huge crash at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix as he misjudged the braking at turn one, wiping out several drivers, and caught up in the carnage was Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. The latter was able to bounce back to an extent and secured a points finish but Perez’s race was over, and the points the Dutchman picked up were little consolation as Hamilton and Mercedes seized control of the title race. All after the drama of the British Grand Prix.

Now onto what the bosses said, if you are a neutral Horner’s rant in Britain a few weeks ago provided no shortage of content, and this weekend he had some brilliant stuff to say after the incident. Speaking to Sky Sports, he said "Is he [Wolff] going to pay the bill?” referring to the huge cost Red Bull will have to cope with in a cost cap world.  

"I'm sure he didn't tell him [Bottas] to drive into the Red Bulls, although I'm also sure he didn't mind seeing that result of it in the end. The consequences for us are cruel. The FIA needs to look at that.” 

To be fair to Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas and Mercedes, they’ve come out and taken full responsibility and rightly so Bottas had an absolute stinker at the start of the race. However, Wolff did put part of the blame on the rain saying: "All I can do is to take it on us. It was a small mistake being too late on the brakes and took out Lando and the two Red Bulls. It's not how things should go but in the rain, it's quite tricky.”

Now the cost cap has been mentioned so much over the last year and after the events in Britain, it has become an even hotter subject. These issues are mounting at Red Bull even more so because they’ve already used up several opportunities to replace their engines.

"[The chance] is very small, unfortunately. And that's extremely frustrating.” Christian Horner said regarding the chances of getting away without a penalty, given the nature of their situation.

Now a video has surfaced of Toto Wolff trying to apologise to Christian Horner, at least that’s what it looks like anyway, but it’s fair to say the Red Bull Boss didn’t really accept it judging by his reaction. We can’t be sure at what has been said, but why don’t you let us know what you think was said in the comments, be as creative as you want.

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