Verstappen shows class after the race in Baku: Personal congratulations to Vettel

09-06-2021 07:45

Max Verstappen was furious after his tyre broke down in the closing laps of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. After the race, however, the Dutchman was seen watching the podium celebrations, and also came to congratulate Sebastian Vettel.

Verstappen congratulates Vettel

Verstappen must have been boiling after he crashed out at the GP in Baku. The Dutchman was on his way to a victory, and with Lewis Hamilton in P3 he could do a lot of damage. Then he crashed out just before the end with a blowout, was therefore a huge disappointment. Yet Verstappen was a lot calmer after the race.

Hamilton's zero score probably had something to do with this, but after the race, we saw Verstappen join his team for the podium ceremony, and at the press conference he also went to congratulate Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel. With the latter, the Dutchman stayed a little longer in conversation. The mutual respect between the two is enormous.

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