Red Bull team performs under pressure again: Best pit stop in Baku with Verstappen

09-06-2021 06:23

Max Verstappen looked to be on his way to victory in Azerbaijan, and that lead was largely down to an excellent pit stop. The team is once again awarded the prize for the fastest pit stop of the weekend.

Red Bull performs under pressure

Since Red Bull Racing entered Formula 1, the emphasis has been on pit stops. While at first the team was seen as a joke in the paddock, it soon became clear that this team was serious. No other team practices pit stops as often as Red Bull, and it seems to work. They were successful again in Baku.

When Verstappen really needed to catch Lewis Hamilton with an overcut, his team managed to do another pit stop within two seconds under pressure. 1.98 is not Red Bull's fastest ever, but it's a time under two seconds again. While Red Bull manages this almost every week, other teams spend on average a second longer in the pitlane.

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