Video | Hulkenberg has his seat fitting with Aston Martin

17-05-2021 18:10

Since leaving Formula 1 in 2019, Nico Hulkenberg has continued to be a regular figure in the sport. For example, he drove races in 2020 as a substitute for Racing Point, putting himself back on the map.

Hulkenberg back with his old team

The team, now known as Aston Martin, was so satisfied with Hulkenberg that they offered him a contract as a permanent reserve driver. He has since visited the factory to try on his seat, meaning he will soon be ready to go should the team need him.

There was some talk in 2020 that Hulkenberg would join Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen. However, the choice fell to Sergio Perez, who won the Sakhir Grand Prix. Hulkenberg replaced Perez when he tested positive for the coronavirus, as well as his teammate Lance Stroll who was also infected later in the season.

Hulkenberg will at least not find himself in unfamiliar surroundings. He has spent several seasons with the team, which was then known as Racing Point and before that Force India. So it could be that we will see him in action again in 2021.

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