New Alpine livery shines amidst snow-covered mountains

14-01-2021 09:31

The Alpine F1 Team unveiled its new livery in an online presentation on Thursday morning. A video showed the new car shining in the snowy Alps. However, there are still some details to be changed.

From 2021 onwards, Renault will no longer be seen in Formula 1. At least, not under its own name. As part of a strategic plan within the entire organisation, the Alpine brand will be put forward to make a name for itself in Formula 1. It will do so with a completely new livery.

New livery of Alpine

On Thursday morning this new livery was shown off during an online presentation, although it was immediately revealed that it was a temporary livery. Much of the current design will also be seen on the official car at the start of the Formula 1 season, but some parts may change. There is a French flag, but for the rest it is just the Renault without yellow accents. 

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