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Q & A with Charles Leclerc: "Schumacher was a great example"

04-04-2020 16:06
by Editorial Team

The relationship that Ferrari and its drivers have with the press is sometimes difficult and they are traditionally less open to social media than some of their competitors. The fact that the sport is now at a standstill due to the corona crisis seems to be changing that.

Last week Sebastian Vettel already answered questions from the fans on the Instagram account of the team and this week it's Charles Leclerc's turn. Among other things, he will go into some of the critical moments of last season and his commitment to Ferrari.

In addition, he says that at the age of eleven he was at the Ferrari factory for the first time in Maranello and that Michael Schumacher was his great example long before that. The Monegask says he has wanted to drive for Ferrari from a very young age.

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