Documentary: How F1 champions became backmarkers

03-04-2020 20:36
by Editorial Team

In these dark days of the corona crisis, there's nothing to do but stay home on Friday night. Also on television you see little else but corona related subjects. If you want to put this misery behind you, you have to go on the internet. Maybe to look up some images of your favourite sport. Look no further, we've got you covered!

Of course it is always fun to look at the history of Formula 1. One of the teams that has a big part in it is Williams. A team with a great track record, which nowadays fulfills the role that a team like Minardi used to have. That means: racing without a chance at the back.

Those who have only been watching Formula 1 in recent years have only seen Williams driving at the back or at most [using the Mercedes engine] occasionally competing for the podium. It is hard to imagine that this team was leading just over 20 years ago. Showing a dominance that could only be curbed by regulation.

This Youtube documentary by CrankyYankeeF1 covers the entire life cycle of Williams F1 in detail. It discusses all the factors that ultimately killed the team.

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