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Alonso rages at Hamilton: 'This idiot can only drive when starting first'

28 August at 19:08
Last update 28 August at 21:09

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are not on the best of terms, but that relationship has taken a turn for the worse at the Belgian Grand Prix. Hamilton steered into his former teammate, ending his own race and costing Alonso hard-earned positions. Alonso did not hold back when he complained about the Mercedes driver on the radio.

Alonso rages at Hamilton on team radio

After the incident, Alonso unleashed a tirade about his old rival. "What an idiot," shouted the Spaniard, who was unhappy with the way Hamilton slammed the door while still on the outside next to him. "We had a mega start, but this guy only knows how to drive starting first."

After the race, the Alpine driver had cooled down and was more lenient with the Briton. "It was a very unfortunate moment because every time we start in top three or top two, in lap one we lose that momentum and something happens to us," Alonso explained his frustration to Viaplay.

The Spaniard therefore cannot understand the Mercedes driver's action. He continues: "We've been through that corner many times and we've seen how tricky it is so I was very surprised that Lewis was closing the door that much. Unfortunately, he was out of the race, but my car was very strong so I kept going without issues. But yeah, obviously I didn't enjoy the moment."

Alonso can laugh at the choice from Ferrari

Speaking to Sky Sports, Alonso also had something to say about Ferrari's remarkable late stop, which saw Charles Leclerc lose his position to the Spaniard. "I was surprised," Alonso admitted. "But Ferrari always does some strange strategy, so that was one of those!"