Lando Norris' practice pitstop goes horribly wrong for McLaren

01-07-2022 17:28

Lando Norris set a fine third time in the second free practice session of the British Grand Prix. Afterwards, however, it was more about McLaren's pit stop, which went badly wrong.

During practice, the Formula 1 teams also practise on making a pit stop. After more than 40 minutes McLaren decided to call Norris in to change tyres. From the images, the pit stop did not go as planned.

The British team had great difficulty in keeping the rear of the car upright with the jack. It caused Norris' car to hit the ground without the rear tyres still on the car. However, the team had enough time to solve the problems.

Sainz and Hamilton stay ahead of Norris

With a time of 1:29:118, Norris was just under two tenths slower than Carlos Sainz, who finished fastest. Lewis Hamilton also did good business, finishing in second place. Daniel Ricciardo and his McLaren finished ninth.

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