Verstappen and other F1 drivers in new video: "This is not going well"

13-05-2022 11:43

Formula One has shared a preview of the next episode of Grill the Grid, in which drivers are tested on their knowledge of the sport. This time they have to guess each other's height and rank each other's names from large to small.

Drivers must guess each other's height

Who is the smallest is a foregone conclusion: Yuki Tsunoda is at the bottom of everyone's list. Also with Max Verstappen, as you can see in the pictures below. Fernando Alonso, with his 1.71 meters, is not the talles, but even he still towers over the Japanese, who is only 1.59 meters.

Esteban Ocon is the tallest at 1.86 meters, making him just one centimeter taller than George Russell and Nicholas Latifi. Max Verstappen, with his 1.81 meters, is also among the taller drivers.

On Friday evening the complete video will be uploaded and it will become clear how the proportions are and who has estimated them best.

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