Behind the scenes with McLaren during celebrity-packed race weekend

11-05-2022 20:18 Last update: 12-05-2022 09:06

The Miami Grand Prix did not go as planned at McLaren. Zero points were scored on the Sunday, but the weekend was packed with activities. In the new Unboxed, you can see what it was like behind the scenes.

Unsuccessful Norris

After problems for Daniel Ricciardo during qualifying, Sunday did not go according to plan either. Lando Norris crashed out after a contact with Pierre Gasly and Ricciardo finished just outside the top ten. McLaren scored zero points as a result, a disappointing result after the podium in Imola.

However, the weekend was packed with fun activities. There was a lot of coverage of Formula 1 in Miami from the media and various celebrities. For example, David and Romeo Beckham, DJ Khaled and James Cordon were visiting the team. Ricciardo and Norris were therefore busy all weekend with different events and activities.

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