Australian GP comes up with four-part series on rebuilding circuit

21-01-2022 19:43

The Formula One Australian Grand Prix is coming up with a four-part YouTube series showcasing the renovated Albert Park circuit. The series will look at the evolution of the circuit and will provide a good overview of the changes.

Albert Park rebuilt for first time since 1996

Australia wants the Melbourne Grand Prix to be 'an event that shows Australia to the world'. Through a four-part series, race organisers will showcase the new circuit. Albert Park has remained virtually unchanged since its arrival on the calendar in 1996 until this coming race.

The circuit has been widened at key points and the slow turn nine has been replaced with a fast straight. All changes have been made so that drivers can overtake more easily. The first episode of the series will appear online January 24 and drivers such as Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton will speak.

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