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Prost: 'Hamilton lucky with Verstappen'

Prost: 'Hamilton lucky with Verstappen'

27-11-2021 11:17 Last update: 12:38


If anyone knows how to fight a duel on the edge, it is Alain Prost. Legendary are the races in which the Frenchman and archrival Ayrton Senna drove each other to the limit. Even Prost cannot deny that the thoughts of many go back to their exciting time and comparisons are made with the current championship battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Age difference

With the climax of the current championship imminent, Prost is naturally always asked about then and now. The fans should be happy with a top duel between two exceptional talents like Hamilton and Verstappen, Prost stressed to Channel 4. "Everyone asks me about my duels with Ayrton Senna. Our age difference was only five or six years and several generations have talked about it. It (age difference) is now twelve, thirteen years and that's a big difference. There is a young guy who has a lot of experience and a lot of speed, and on the other hand we have Lewis, whose achievements are well known."

According to Prost, it is fine for Hamilton to have a strong challenger in Verstappen. "I think Lewis is lucky to have Max. Someone who pushes him to the limit. Because what more can you achieve when you have already won seven Championships and over 100 Grands Prix," Prost asked himself the rhetorical question?

Extra motivation needed

He immediately gave the answer himself: "You need this extra motivation. What I've learned from the past is that you get the best out of yourself and your team when you have such a strong opponent," the Frenchman said. "Whoever prevails, we have a fantastic champion this year and that is the most important thing."

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