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Mercedes sees FIA confirmation: 'Our rear wing is rock solid'

Mercedes sees FIA confirmation: 'Our rear wing is rock solid'

22-11-2021 12:51 Last update: 13:27


Is the rear wing of the Mercedes moving or not? For weeks it has been the subject of discussion: Mercedes says nothing is wrong, competitor Red Bull doesn't trust it at all. The FIA tested the rear wing of several teams in Qatar, including Mercedes. So is there something wrong or not?

Heavy weights

The leader in the constructors' title saw in that test once again the proof that nothing is wrong. Indeed, German motorsport journalist Andreas Haupt of the renowned Auto, Motor und Sport heard from Mercedes that they were extremely satisfied with how the test went. "Mercedes says their rear wing is rock-solid," he writes on Twitter. According to Haupt, the tests were done by hanging two weights of 35 kilos each from the rear wing.

Up to the FIA

No doubt Red Bull will think different. The final word is up to the FIA, who still have to officially announce the findings of the tests. Mercedes is clearly preparing for this by stating once again that nothing illegal has happened.

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