Wolff warns: "We'll get our spicy equipment out for Saudi Arabia"

21-11-2021 15:55
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Wolff warns: We'll get our spicy equipment out for Saudi Arabia

Lewis Hamilton has won the Qatar Grand Prix and puts himself within eight points of Max Verstappen in the battle for the 2021 World Championship. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is feeling confident ahead of the final two races in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. 

The street circuit in Saudi Arabia is a very high-speed track. As a result, Wolff says Hamilton will be fitted with his new engine installed at the Brazilian Grand Prix and perhaps also hints at the rear wing used at the same event. 

"Saudi Arabia should be a good track for us. We know this year when you think it's a good one it can turn around. With the long straight, we'll get our spicy equipment out for Saudi that we didn't use today. Hopefully, Valtteri is up there, but it's going to go until Abu Dhabi," Wolff said in a conversation with Sky Sports


Hamilton won the race, but teammate Valtteri Bottas had to retire from the event. He had a bad start to the event, and then had a puncture on lap 34 before Mercedes told him to box for retirement later in the race. Wolff reflects this in his interview. 

"It's funny. Bittersweet, both championships are so important. Lewis was great to win the race, good news is the car looks really fast. He controlled the race and that's an indication of what's to come in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi," Wolff added.  

"Puncture came out of nowhere and we tied to reconstruct it afterwards. No indication whatsoever, a tiny vibration never enough. Unfortunate for him he was the first to pick up the puncture."

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