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Schumacher doesn't understand Mercedes: 'Wonder if we should allow this'

Schumacher doesn't understand Mercedes: 'Wonder if we should allow this'

20-11-2021 09:33 Last update: 12:19


Mercedes decided to replace Lewis Hamilton's engine at the Brazilian Grand Prix. It meant that the Brit benefited from a faster engine, taking the immediate victory despite some set-backs. Ralf Schumacher doesn't think this should be possible.

The FIA decided earlier to allow a maximum number of engines in a season. An important reason for this was to protect the smaller teams who could not afford to keep changing engines. When teams exceed this number, they will receive a grid penalty.

Mercedes however used the rule in Brazil in a different way. Hamilton did not have to change engine immediately, but the Germans calculated that the driver would benefit from it. Therefore, the team decided to do so. "Hamilton's engine was not broken at that moment. I don't think it should be like this in Formula 1 and therefore I wonder if we should allow this," Schumacher responded to Sky Deutschland.

Red Bull looks at Mercedes speed

Mercedes also look fast in Qatar. However, Red Bull argue that the advantage is because of a violation with the DRS system. The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez could choose this weekend to lodge a protest with the FIA.

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