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Constructors' title more important: Hamilton 'not thinking' about himself

Constructors' title more important: Hamilton 'not thinking' about himself

12-11-2021 09:05 Last update: 10:14


The gap between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is only 19 points, but the gap in the constructors' championship is even smaller after a number of double podiums for Red Bull. Mercedes and Red Bull are separated by just one point. Hamilton says he is not thinking about himself, but about the team.

"I think people underappreciate just how well we've done considering their pace at day one. Since the troubles, we had in pre-season. Just skimming by in that first race and then we had a couple of races where I don't think they optimised and they probably made more mistakes than they'd like to. I think we've done a good job but at the end of the day we haven't been as fast as them most of the time", Hamilton begins in an interview with Sky Sports.

Hamilton indicates that the constructors' championship is more important, especially now that Red Bull have closed the gap. "If I'm honest, I'm not thinking about me. We are only one point ahead in the team constructors championship. That's the most important one, of course I want to win the drivers championship but the team one is so important for development. The funding for development and for the people back at the factories. It's not just about one person."

Hamilton and Bottas need to work together

Hamilton believes he and Valtteri Bottas must work together to beat Red Bull in the constructors' championship. "When it comes to teammates working together that's the one we really need to work together to come out on top. Winning at least one of the championships is key. If we can't get the drivers championship I want to at least deliver for the team."

"That's what I'm working towards and it's hard. Valtteri was unlucky in the last race to get taken out by a McLaren, we've still got four races and I'm still hopeful we can keep them on their toes!", Hamilton finishes.

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