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Verstappen controls nerves better than Hamilton: 'He is calm'

Verstappen controls nerves better than Hamilton: 'He is calm'

12-11-2021 08:08 Last update: 10:11


According to former racing driver Gerhard Berger, Max Verstappen has his nerves more under control than Lewis Hamilton in the last four races of the season. With a gap of 19 points between the title rivals, the final stages of the season promise to be exciting.

"I think Max is the cooler of the two. He has the better nerves. When Max crosses the line after a win, he gives a short radio message to the team to thank them. He is calm mentally, not emotional, no crying or screaming", Berger tells ORF.

According to the former driver, Verstappen's nerves will ensure he has the advantage in the last four races. During the Turkish Grand Prix Hamilton still sounded frustrated on the board radio.

Hamilton opposite of Verstappen

According to Berger, Hamilton is the opposite of Verstappen. "Lewis often overshoots the mark. It has nothing to do with titles or experience. It's just down to how you are and whether you perform particularly well under pressure. We already saw it in the Rosberg days that Lewis was often attacked", Berger says.

Indeed, Nico Rosberg is the last driver to beat Hamilton for the world title. He finished five points ahead of the Briton in 2016. Hamilton is the only driver on the grid to ever lose the world title after winning nine or more races.

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