Better results with Newey at Red Bull? 'Coincidence!'

11-11-2021 13:47 | Updated: 11-11-2021 14:07
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Better results with Newey at Red Bull? 'Coincidence!'

Adrian Newey is considered an absolute mastermind. The Brit has designed many winning F1 cars and his knowledge is invaluable. During the summer months, he missed several Grands Prix due to a cycling accident. This was precisely the period in which Red Bull had a rather tough battle with Mercedes. Coincidence?


Since his return, Max Verstappen has turned a two-point deficit into a 19 point lead in the title race. Of course, the question then arises: is this coincidence or not? Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko hinted that Newey's return to the team immediately identified issues that others overlooked. Newey himself is in the podcast F1 Nation a lot more modest.

“It’s coincidence,” Newey told the F1 Nation Podcast. “I enjoy being her. I’m enjoying being back. [I] missed it. Hopefully, I bring something, but it’s a great team. So I just try and fill in the cracks if I see them.

Guarantee of a win?

Coincidence or not, Verstappen and Red Bull would probably like to see Newey 'just' active in the paddock in the coming races as well. Under the designer's watchful eye, Verstappen won in America and Mexico. Newey will also be present in Brazil next weekend, so will there be a third win in a row?

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