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I think this is very significant for the history of Honda

"I think this is very significant for the history of Honda"

10-11-2021 16:35 Last update: 18:43


Max Verstappen's victory in the Mexican Grand Prix marked his ninth of the season, the tenth for Red Bull Racing and Honda. Honda chief Masashi Yamamoto is more than satisfied with the course of the season.

Important victory for Honda

Verstappen's victory in Mexico is extra special for Honda. After all, it's the place where Honda recorded their first victory in Formula 1 back in 1965. "I am happy that Honda has been able to win here and I think it is of great significance to the history of Honda F1, " Yamamoto told AS-web. At the end of this season Honda will leave Formula 1, but the Japanese engine supplier can do so with their heads held high. Honda could win both championships this season.

The start of the race was crucial in Mexico. "The start was everything today," said Yamamoto. "Verstappen was able to brake late to take the lead. If I had been Bottas I would have left Hamilton in front. We had a very good pace and Max was able to pull away from Hamilton. It was a great day."

Mercedes' rear suspension

Since the Russian Grand Prix, Mercedes' rear suspension has been a hot topic of conversation. With the new suspension, the Mercedes car sinks down a bit at high speed which results in less drag on the straight. However, no official protest was lodged. "We also don't know what exactly the benefits and risks are," Yamamoto said.

According to the Honda chief, finding new innovations is also part of the sport. "I think Red Bull and Mercedes are competing at the ultimate level of the current regulations. Where do you take your gains and where do you take your losses. Even though it remains a difficult battle, Red Bull won on their own this time."

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