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Verstappen admits: 'It would mean a lot if we can do that'
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Verstappen admits: 'It would mean a lot if we can do that'

30-10-2021 18:18 Last update: 23:47


It is no secret that Max Verstappen keeps his career as a Formula 1 driver separate from his private life as much as possible. The Red Bull Racing driver indicated earlier that missing out on the title would not be the end of the world, provided he did everything he could to achieve it. Still, he admits that winning the World Championship has been his big dream since his childhood.

The United States Grand Prix proved that the popularity of Formula 1 in the country has increased considerably. It did not escape the notice of the American media that Verstappen was particularly popular during the race weekend at the Circuit of the Americas, as was clearly audible from the massive cheers and applause from the spectators.

World title always was Verstappen's goal

For the Red Bull driver, however, this does not change his down-to-earth attitude. The New York Times quoted the Dutchman: "Sometimes people take F1 too seriously, as if it's a life or death situation where they think 'If I don't make it to Formula 1, my life is over', or something like that.

"For me that has never been the case and it never will be," he continued. "I'm very happy to be driving in Formula 1, but even if I wasn't, I would still be doing race-related things because I enjoy it."

Verstappen admits title would mean a lot to him

Earlier, Verstappen indicated that it wouldn't be the end of the world for him if he didn't become world champion, but he admits that it has always been his big dream. "Of course, the goal and the dream is always to win the championship," explained the 24-year-old Dutchman.

"However, you also have to have a bit of luck. You have to have the right car at the right time of the season or throughout the season.

"It's a dream from when I was a kid together with my dad, to get into Formula 1 in the first place and then try to compete for the title. It would definitely mean a lot if we can win it," Verstappen admitted.

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