Coulthard enthusiastic about Giovinazzi: 'I couldn't do that either'

30-10-2021 12:59 | Updated: 30-10-2021 17:08
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Coulthard enthusiastic about Giovinazzi: 'I couldn't do that either'

Antonio Giovinazzi is currently driving for Alfa Romeo Racing, but it is not certain that he will be in the same seat next year. David Coulthard thinks the Italian should be protected and is keeping his fingers crossed that he can stay with the team.

Kimi Raikkonen is currently in a better position in the championship than Giovinazzi. The Italian is eighteenth with one point, while the Finn has scored six points. Furthermore, there are already several drivers named for his seat, including Guanyu Zhou. Coulthard feels that the 27-year-old driver does deserve respect, as he is a good driver.

"Antonio is a quality driver. I think he has speed and intelligence, he is also a good guy, which is always a good thing for partners and sponsors. Of course it will always be difficult when you are in a team like Alfa, where you are aligned with Ferrari. But the Rossa has Leclerc and Sainz, there are not many opportunities to go there. And then the fact that he's a young guy from Maranello limits his opportunities to go to other teams," said the Brit to formulapassion. it.

Coulthard will keep his fingers crossed for him

Nevertheless, Coulthard is holding out hope and will keep his fingers crossed that the Italian can stay. "I think it is the best chance for him. Raikkonen is a fast driver, and the fans might not give Antonio the right credit for being ahead of him, especially in qualifying. You know, it's not something I often managed when I was Kimi's teammate."

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