Ferrari can be satisfied: 'We are closer to Mercedes'

30-10-2021 08:53
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Ferrari can be satisfied: 'We are closer to Mercedes'

Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are by far the best teams in Formula 1 again this season. However, they will have to watch out for competition in the coming years, as Ferrari and McLaren, among others, are working hard to catch up.

The Italian team had a dramatic season in 2020, finishing sixth in the Constructors' Championship. Ferrari was in for a shock, but this year they have made some big steps forward. Team boss Mattia Binotto even sees opportunities to drive among the big teams again.

In the Italian newspaper La Stampa he states that with the new engine Ferrari is able to make things more difficult for Mercedes. "We are closer to Mercedes. Compared to 2020, the step forward is consistent. We know that there is still a gap to the best engine, but now the gap is not so dramatic anymore," the team boss explained.

McLaren versus Ferrari

With only 3.5 points left Ferrari is close to reaching third place in the Constructors' Championship. Competitor McLaren seems to be getting increasingly difficult in this respect. "The extra power is available for the whole straight. The benefits are clear to see, both coming out of the corners and at the end of the straight."

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