Australia not in favour of F1 calendar rotation system

28-10-2021 10:28 | Updated: 28-10-2021 11:01
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Australia not in favour of F1 calendar rotation system

With the ever-growing Formula 1 calendar and the long list of countries and cities wanting to host a Grand Prix, a rotation system with the races on the calendar has been advocated many times. Amongst others, McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl was in favour of this. In Australia, they don't want this at all.

Continuity Grand Prix necessary

Andrew Westacott, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix, while positive about the idea of rotating certain races, does not see it as an option for his own race. "This could apply to a permanent circuit in the heart of Europe, but we believe that continuity, the annual nature of our event, is necessary," he tells

"The idea of not being there every other year, or rotating with other states to share it, is not on our agenda," Westacott continued. "We want it every year because it's such a great asset to the state of Victoria."

Competition from Sydney

The possible rotation with the calendar is not the only thing that could thwart the race at Albert Park in Melbourne, there would also be competition from Sydney to host the Australian Grand Prix. Furthermore, the organisation of the race in Melbourne is in financial difficulties. Nevertheless, Westacott remains confident. "I am incredibly determined to do the race every year and I don't expect 'every year' to be anywhere other than Albert Park in Melbourne."

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