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Marko reveals Red Bull Racing's 'antidote': We've been driving it

Marko reveals Red Bull Racing's 'antidote': "We've been driving it"

26-10-2021 06:40 Last update: 08:53


Helmut Marko announced prior to the US Grand Prix that Red Bull Racing had found a solution to the lack of speed and can now reveal what that 'antidote' ultimately was.

In Russia and Turkey, it was Mercedes that beat the clock. With a new engine and an impressive rear suspension, the Germans seemed to have brought a final update to the battle for the world title. However, in America, there was another victory for Max Verstappen and Red Bull, after they too found a solution.

The solution of Red Bull

''We have already noticed a few times that Mercedes is not so competitive with full tanks. In addition, we have also driven with a smaller rear wing,'' Marko said to Auto, Motor und Sport. Because of that smaller rear wing, Red Bull lost less on the straights in Texas and the pole on Saturday was suddenly possible again.

Sergio Perez also drove with the new rear wing, but could not enjoy it on Sunday. His water supply didn't work, leaving the Mexican pretty demolished at the end of the race. ''Sergio struggled all weekend with an upset stomach. Without drinking it was doubly difficult for him,'' concludes the Austrian.

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