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Brundle returns to remarkable moment: 'They need to learn manners'

Brundle returns to remarkable moment: 'They need to learn manners'

26-10-2021 06:24 Last update: 08:52


Martin Brundle has hit back on Twitter at the remarkable moment prior to the United States Grand Prix. Brundle wanted to ask Megan Thee Stallion a question but was kept out of the way by bodyguards. According to Brundle, they should learn some manners.

During a Formula 1 weekend there are always some famous people to be seen. The VIPs are invited to attend a Grand Prix and join a certain team. Regularly there are movie stars or singers present. At the GP in America, we saw for example George Lucas (creator of Star Wars), Shaquille O'Neal (basketball player) and Megan Thee Stallion (rapper) walking around.

Difficult interview in America

On the grid prior to the race is always a moment to interview people. Brundle was hoping to interview MTS on behalf of Sky Sports, but that turned out to be very difficult. The rapper walked with a whole entourage on the circuit and the bodyguards didn't want Brundle to do an interview. This made for uncomfortable television.

Brundle was already visibly surprised by the attitude of the people on television, but also let himself be heard on Twitter. ''I have felt under pressure on the grid before but by people called Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Mansell, Piquet and so on. Bodyguards visiting the grid for the first time don’t bother me, everyone’s got a job to do, but they could maybe learn some manners and respect on our patch,'' said the former F1 driver.