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Horner sees equal chances: 'They are similar to us on the straight'

Horner sees equal chances: 'They are similar to us on the straight'

23-10-2021 20:51 Last update: 23-10-2021 20:51


Christian Horner doesn't think Red Bull Racing will be at a disadvantage against Mercedes in Austin. The German stable seems to have found a lot of speed in the last few races, which became painfully obvious at the Turkish Grand Prix.

Mercedes were also the big favorites going into the race weekend in the United States, but Horner believes the difference is not as big as Friday made it seem. "They are comparable to us on the straight, but if they've got a load more to come we are in trouble," said the 47-year-old Briton in conversation with Sky Sports.

Horner positive for qualifying

"I think by the time you get to this point, you really hone in on the qualifying set-up," he continued.

"It won't be a million miles away from what we'll see this afternoon. I think we hopefully managed to make some good set-up changes over the evening."

To that end, there is significant work being done at the factory. "We've had good support from the simulator, we've got Sebastien Buemi cranking up the miles at Milton Keynes virtually, so it's hopefully encouraging but it's this afternoon that counts," Horner concluded.




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