Concerns at Honda not focused on Red Bull

23-10-2021 13:27 | Updated: 23-10-2021 16:22
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Concerns at Honda not focused on Red Bull

A poor start by Red Bull Racing on the Friday of the United States Grand Prix was turned into a good result by Sergio Perez in FP2. Honda chief Toyoharu Tanabe sees the fortunes of Max Verstappen's title race at Red Bull coming to fruition, but fears AlphaTauri.

Red Bull positive, but AlphaTauri negative

Together with Tanabe looked back on the first day at Circuit of the Americas in Austin: "There were positive and negative points, I would like to prepare well so that tomorrow it will be all positive."

"The change of set-up between FP1 and FP2 helped us in the right direction at Red Bull. On the other hand, at AlphaTauri it's not quite right yet."

A further explanation of what is currently going on at AlphaTauri is lacking. The positive news is Red Bull, the negative news is Alpha Tauri.

Tanabe: "Sergio Perez was able to score positive points after the set-up change, which put him on top in FP2. On the other hand, it didn't work well at AlphaTauri."

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